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Waterdrone scans soil De Keen in Strijen (The Netherlands)

March 19, 2018

Water Board Hollandse Delta dredges De Keen in Strijen (The Netherlands). The largest part south of the built-up area of ​​Strijen has been dredged in phase 1. Phase 2 now starts for the remaining part of the Keen. Board member of the Water Board Ms. Lies Struik and alderman of Strijen Mr. Wilco van Tilborg started this phase by using the water drone.

Heemraad Lies Struik en wethouder Wilco van Tilborg besturen een waterdrone

This water drone, also called aquatic drone, brings the bottom of the water into the picture. Previous research into the sediment and dredge in this part of the Keen has shown that there are indefinable objects in the dredge. However, it is not clear whether this is for example bicycles or fridges or explosives from the Second World War.

Board member Struik: "The water drone offers us the opportunity to look into the dredge. Because of the 3D images that are made, we can better see what is inside. We will adapt our working method to this. The advantage of this research method is also the speed that the results and analysed are known. "Alderman Van Tilborg adds:" The water board chooses a valuable, innovative and safe way to gain more certainty about those indefinable objects. We think that is a good development. "

Hollandse Delta works together with Aquatic Drones BV from The Netherlands for this. An aquatic drone is an unmanned vessel with many sensors on board. The unmanned inspection is carried out under the monitoring of someone on shore. The data collected can be automatically analysed, interpreted and used, so that the best dredging method can be chosen.

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