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First Phoenix 5 series production model completed

July 15, 2021

We have finished building our first production series P5! It has been fitted with all systems, sensors, etc. The 'dry' tests have all been completed successfully and we are now gearing up for the 'wet' tests.

As in other markets, the lead times for the equipment we need have gone up enormously, especially for items which need to be shipped internationally. We therefore revised the design slightly so we could use IT equipment available from stock. Most of our suppliers are actually based in the Netherlands which helps to keep delivery times short. It also means we can liaise with them more easily, discuss projects over a cup of coffee, learn from each other and improve our products.

This P5 AP is the hybrid model with diesel genset for extended operations. It is fitted with full survey instrumentation and FLIR thermal infrared and low light surveillance cameras. It also features a Teledyne SeaBatT20 dual head multibeam sounder with sidescan sonar function and a Velodyne LiDAR. In other words, this vessel is fully equipped for a wide range of operations and we are looking forward to presenting it to potential clients. Please contact us if you want to attend a demonstration - we are now accepting orders for the P5!

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October 13, 2021

Eerste productiemodel van de Phoenix 5-serie voltooid

We zijn klaar met het bouwen van onze eerste productieserie P5! De 'droge' tests zijn allemaal met succes afgerond en we maken ons nu op voor de 'natte' tests.

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October 13, 2021

Demonstratie autonome bediening

Voor een aantal (potentiële) klanten en partners hebben wij een succesvolle demonstratie gegeven van de autonome werking van onze preproductie Phoenix.

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October 13, 2021

Bouw van de Phoenix 5 is begonnen

We werken aan het definitieve ontwerp van de productieversie van de Phoenix 5. De eerste productieversie wordt een hybride model, met een dieselgenerator om de accu's op te laden

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