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Aquatic Drones Builds Data Service for Europe and Beyond

January 29, 2018

Maarten Ruyssenaers, the CEO of Aquatic Drones and a TUS Expo presenter, describes his experience at the Resource Design Manufacturing in Rotterdam, his company’s autonomous boats, and the data service they offer.

‍Aquatic Drones' autonomous boat approaches an electrical tower.


Operating vessels and sending divers to inspect harbors and other marine facilities is very costly, so such inspections may not be as thorough as necessary to predict maintenance needs. Aquatic Drones is working on combining a fleet of small and medium-sized autonomous boats with data services.

The global market for unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) will grow from $470.1 million in 2017 to $938.5 million by 2022, predicts Markets and Markets.

Aquatic Drones, which is based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, uses open-source, modular and own developed technology. It offers its autonomous vehicles and the data collection, processing, and modeling under a robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) model.


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