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deeper insight - less costs - smaller footprint


deeper insight - less costs - smaller footprint


Inspection and monitoring of waterways, ports and sea

Hydrographic surveys (bathymetry)

Sub-bottom profiling

Side scan sonar

Civil constructions (quays, dams, locks, bridges)

Safety & security

Water quality

Marine ecology

Oil spill detection

Wind turbines & cables at sea

and more...

Phoenix 5 preproduction version surveying in the Port of Rotterdam

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First Phoenix 5 series production model completed

We have finished building our first production series P5! The 'dry' tests have all been completed successfully and we are now gearing up for the 'wet' tests.

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Autonomous operation demonstration

We have given a successful demonstration of the autonomous operation of our preproduction Phoenix for a number of current and potential customers and partners.

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River IJssel survey programme

We will use our Phoenix preproduction version to survey the river IJssel for a pilot project of Rijkswaterstaat. We will survey this challenging river at regular intervals for 18 months.

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Construction of the Phoenix 5 has started

We are working on the final design of the production version of the Phoenix 5. The first production unit will be a hybrid model, fitted with a diesel generator to charge the batteries.

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New Phoenix preproduction version under construction

We are building a new Phoenix! A new vessel with a monohull design with a flat bottom, resulting in more buoyancy for accommodating extra systems and many more updates.

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Futuristic shipping in the offing

Self-propelled ships, mooring without crew and sailing drones. It sounds futuristic, but these 'smart' technologies are already possible on paper. However, inland shipping is still

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Aquatic Drones Builds Data Service for Europe and Beyond

Maarten Ruyssenaers, CEO of AquaticDrones, describes his experience at the Resource Design Manufacturing in Rotterdam, his company’s autonomous boats, and the data service they offer.

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Technology for Human Progress

Today’s challenges in the field of small water, river, port, nearshore and sea monitoring for maintenance are complex. It requires a multidisciplinary approach. We develop sustainable solutions in collaboration with other technical innovators, our customers, research institutes, our suppliers and leading experts. We also consider the broader environmental and ethical context where our technology is used. To bring economic and ecologic goals both in balance. We are committed to realise the highest value for human progress: smart, safe, cost efficient and sustainable.

Current situation

  • There is a great need for maintenance data, but the costs are high
  • Most application areas demand not one but multiple data collections
  • Water authorities and industries do not always have full insight in the effects of interventions in maintenance and the underlying causes

"Tell us about your maritime maintenance & survey challenges"

Triple Technology

Aquatic Drones are maritime robots that collect data autonomously.

  • Multi-use & robust Autonomous Surface Vessels (ASVs) equipped with a wide range of sensors for high duty
  • Autonomous operating system with object detection and avoidance, system health monitoring and redundant systems
  • Data analytics, interpretation and predictive maintenance models
Aquatic Drone hydrographic surveys

Predictive Data Model

Authorities and companies who manage and maintain assets in the water, require data to carry out maintenance. Interventions, like dredging, constructive renovations and water quality enhancements. Doing surveys in combination with data prediction helps to validate degenerative processes (speed, location and trends) and to plan maintenance interventions more effectively with lower cost and minimal ecological footprint.

The Predective Data Model does this by:

  • Analysing the ideal frequency of surveysand data required
  • Providing a dashboard with real time data input
  • Streamlined data pipelines for analytics and predictions

"We deliver data processing and predictive
maintenance models that fit our clients’ workflows and software. More data, less costs, lower carbon footprint and more effective interventions"

Principles of Operation

High-end technology

We focus on high-tech solutions for cutting edge autonomous surface vessel platforms

Quality &

Our goal is to keep quality and above all safety in the highest regard to deliver highly reliable products

Customer satisfaction

Our clients are always top priority and their satisfaction the main drive behind our ambitions

Partnerships & ecosystems

We always aim for constructive cooperation and co-creation through strong and long-lasting partnerships

High impact solutions

We consistently aim to contribute globally with impactful solutions and use of new technology

Latest articles

October 13, 2021

Eerste productiemodel van de Phoenix 5-serie voltooid

We zijn klaar met het bouwen van onze eerste productieserie P5! De 'droge' tests zijn allemaal met succes afgerond en we maken ons nu op voor de 'natte' tests.

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October 13, 2021

Demonstratie autonome bediening

Voor een aantal (potentiële) klanten en partners hebben wij een succesvolle demonstratie gegeven van de autonome werking van onze preproductie Phoenix.

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October 13, 2021

Bouw van de Phoenix 5 is begonnen

We werken aan het definitieve ontwerp van de productieversie van de Phoenix 5. De eerste productieversie wordt een hybride model, met een dieselgenerator om de accu's op te laden

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Custom made solutions
Choose from a wide range of features, systems and sensors:

  • Semi or fully autonomous vessel
  • Multiple survey sensors
  • Automated survey data processing software
  • Predictive Data Model: foresight in required maintenance interventions
  • Multiple applications & business cases
  • Custom-made system setup
  • Zero to one operator needed for multiple
    drones in different application areas
Optional systems
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Fully electric or hybrid system with diesel generator for extra range
  • Operational time from 13 to 48 hours
  • Operational ranges from 120 to 450 km
  • Battery management system
  • Onshore monitoring system
  • Object detection: by radar, LiDAR, cameras and/or forward looking sonar
  • AIS: automatic identifcation system
  • Data communication to shore: by 4G, Radio Frequency and/or Maritime Broadband Radio
  • RTK/GNSS positioning: up to 2 cm / 0,78" accuracy
  • Redundancy of most vital systems
  • Automated winch for underwater sensor deployment
Optional survey sensors
  • Single or multibeam echosounder
  • Side scan sonar
  • Sub-bottom profiler
  • Sound velocity profiler
  • Sound velocity sensor
  • Surveillance cameras with security software: infrared, day & night vision
  • Sensors for water quality
  • Motion and heading sensors
  • And more...

"What is your ideal system set-up?"