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"we co-create value for human progress"

Fields of exploration and development

Multi robot cooperation (swarming)

Deep learning: quality assessment & improvement

Mission equipment: operational excellence

System integration: for integration of more applications

Smoothing out algorithms: path planning & object avoidance

"Join our discovery"

About us

We work on game changing technologies in our core team (see below) and on project basis with a larger multidisciplinary team consisting of 10+ passionate engineers and experts.

Maarten Ruyssenaers

Founder & CEO

Manifesting smart and clean solutions, in co-creation with various fields of expertise, is a powerful process. Persistence, joy, and passion are all required in order to make the biggest impact on people, the planet, and society. I have managed many different technological innovation projects from start until finish, including reliable operations. Such projects have been small and dynamic as well as large programs that span multiple years that have been aimed at product development in the fields of maritime robotics, sensing, and information technology.

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Rick Molenaar

Chief Technology Officer

I grew up with ships and lived near the ocean in Zeeland. Sailing and being one with nature is in my blood. When I met Aquatic Drones, I knew getting involved was my purpose. My passion is solving complicated challenges by learning and optimizing continuously. Being driven by and seeing endless possibilities, combined with the urge to create, I start-up innovations in technology that lead to a cleaner world and a better life on this planet. I want to make a difference for this world. Good is not good enough. It needs to be perfect and, luckily, I have large amounts of energy to make it so. This means that I focus that energy on developing effective and efficient sustainable systems to take care of health, well-being and increased safety.

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Bjørn Romijn

Software Engineer & Algorithms Developer

Looking for solutions in robotics and smart algorithms is what attracts me. Combining the algorithms with physical models (in our case the drone) is something I always wanted to do. Furthermore, my contribution is the development of pathfinding algorithms and the control of the drone. Solutions which make a positive contribution to humans by replacing difficult, dangerous or time-consuming work for humans. I believe that algorithms offer the possibility to supplement people in areas where we cannot easily work. I expect that repetitive and unsafe work could be taken over by safe autonomous robots that can be monitored by an operator. In the coming years you will see an increasing number of robots that will help us independently. Think of self-driving cars, autonomous delivery times and of course self-sailing survey boats!

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Job van Beem

Technology & Water Engineer

"Actively contribute to technological developments is something which inspires me and above all motivates me. Aqautic Drones provides me the opportunity to convert my passion into my profession while I can convert my (technical) knowledge into practical solutions. I have a theoretical background in the morphodynamics of sandy beaches and rivers and have been educated to work in multi-disciplinary projects. Personally I believe that technology is capable of changing the world on a positive manner. Not only can autonomic drones be of great use in potential dangerous environments, they also can provide new insights due to the efficiency of otherwise extremely time consuming monitoring campaigns. Knowing that I am part of a company which endeavours the use of technology to make an beneficial impact on society is something that really drives me. "

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David Fortini

IT Advisor

I believe that technology is a mean to improve our world and facilitate our lives. That is why when I heard about Aquatic Drones I was really interested in how I could give my contribution to such a great start-up. Luckily the combination of business and IT knowledge have allowed me to help Aquatic Drones grow. So far I could participate in different exciting projects giving advice, especially in the field of data processing and analysis. In this way, I can contribute to the journey of Aquatic Drones doing what I like the most while making a positive impact on society.

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Sina Valipoor

Embedded System Engineer

I am an Embedded System Engineer with backgrounds in Electrical Engineering trained at the Technical University of Delft. As an Embedded System Engineer I am always looking for challenging projects to work on. I Have worked on several projects and currently I am with Aquatic Drones to further develop and build the drone control system. At Aquatic Drones, we are working on the next generation autonomous and smart water drones. This project is very exciting and challenging at the same time. We are working with a team of professional engineers to accomplish the goals and finish the project with success. Using my knowledge and experience I will help to further build and upgrade the drone, while having fun is the most important goal.

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Co-creating value for human progress

With clients, development and research partners, suppliers and experts we create integrated solutions based on thorough exploration of the wider context of operations: smart, safe and sustainable. The steps are:

“Let’s work together towards smart, safe & sustainable solutions”

  • Exploring questions
  • Mapping context
  • Building partnerships
  • Calculating economic and ecologic impact
  • Defining use case
  • Specifying product demands
  • Designing system architecture
  • Prototyping system integration
  • Testing in field of application
  • Applying in operation
  • Scaling up impact for human progress 

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