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Autonome dataverzameling en inspectie van waterwegen
met analyse & interpretatie

Autonomous data collection and monitoring of waterways and marine ecosystems including analytics and interpretation

Why would we need aquatic drones?

Big data - one of those buzzwords. Within the maritime sector, the necessity for increasingly more frequently collected data is at an all-time high. Big data enables taking the next step in guarding the quality of water and marine ecology as well as managing waterways. The current available maintenance options are expensive and do not provide the level of insight required. Using drone technology opens the way to cheaper solutions for securing higher quality. Imagine aquatic drones to be small and clean ships, equipped with sensors satisfying the voice of the customer within specific areas of application. An affordable system of the frequent monitoring of waterways helps to intervene in time and specific places.

What does Aquatic Drones BV deliver?

Aquatic Drones BV develops tailor-made solutions rooted in the most recent trends and innovations in the fields of robotics, sensing, radar & navigation technology, artificial intelligence, big data and self-direction. We collaborate with various experts within those fields, such as marine ecologists, hydrographers, biologists and maintenance inspectors. This results in the smartest, cleanest and safest solutions currently possible.

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How can Aquatic Drones BV be of service to you?

Aquatic Drones BV provides full data services, delivering clear insight into what is at and below the water surface. All kinds of applications are possible, such as:

  • measuring the height of the soil (important data for sediment management)
  • measuring the water quality
  • seabed cartography
  • inspection of riverside walls
  • surveillance
  • environmental inspections (to spot oil leaks)
  • inspection of bridges and waterlocks
  • counting fish stock.

Depending on the application, we apply technologies with a modular design, integrated through plug and play:

  1. platooning: a modular and scalable build which can be applied in various areas. Hybrid solutions are available as well, such as a boat combined with sub-surface and flying drone technology
  2. autonomous: situational awareness enables the aquatic drones to avoid collisions with other waterway users and objects. To increase the amount and quality of the data collected, swarming and self-learning can be applied
  3. big data: collected data are stored in the cloud in a secure manner. The data are only accessible for the end users and Aquatic Drones BV and available at anytime and anywhere. Data analytics, interpretation and visualization strengthen data-based insights.
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How do we work?

Full data service

Crystal clear analysis and visualization of all the collected data, aimed at enabling data-driven policymaking.

Open source

Sharing of knowledge and experience, co-creation with experts in various fields to maximize impact.

Low cost, high quality

High quality and low cost are not mutually exclusive. We aim for both.

Modular design

Application in various fields, depending on the requirements of our customers. This allows the aquatic drones to be used in multiple areas.


Our principles are in our DNA. We add value for our customers, based on organization principles rooted in all we do, keeping the broader context in mind.

Technology for human progress.

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Intended use of data services of Aquatic Drones BV

Our data services provide deep insight into enabling more effective decision making. The first generation of aquatic drones delivers the required data for the maintenance and management of waterways in areas such as:

Measuring the height of the soil

Inspection of riverside walls

Measuring the water quality


Modeling the environmental effects of hydraulic engineering

Search for oil spills

Inspecting the body of ships

Counting fish stock

Water treatment and purification

Monitoring of marine ecology.

Detecting waves and protecting fish stock while planting windmill parks at sea